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We are a family owned and operated business that specializes in Aluminum and Steel framed Roll-in boat docks. These docks are built from A to Z 100% in Michigan.

The Aluminum Roll-in Dock is 4 foot wide and the Steel Roll-in Dock is 42 inches wide. We offer two different options for a top. You can choose between a natural cedar top, or we also carry the maintenance free, Sure Step decking. All of the docks can be ordered in increments of 10 foot.

Installation is easy! Just roll it in and adjust! All you need for adjustments are a 3/4 in socket or wrench, the docks are all lightweight. It only takes two people to install them. Our docks can accommodate up to 5 1/2' of water. They can be found on shores all over the state of Michigan including all of the Great Lakes. We offer a delivery / installation service for an extra charge, but run free delivery / installation specials very frequently all different times of the year, let us show you exactly how it works. Due to our docks A-frame construction these docks are some of the most rigid and sturdy docks on the market and are known for it. Accessorize your dock with a platform, Ell, T, Bench, Ladder, or extensions to wrap around your boat. Customer satisfaction is a must for us.

Let Hickory Dickory Docks show you how easy purchasing and owning a dock really can be!